Prom Fashion Comes To You 

Dress to Impress this Prom Season!

Oakland Mills has always had exciting proms with stunning and unique outfits. Girls usually wear glittery dresses while the guys show off their tuxedos. If you do not know what to wear for prom this year, keep reading!

There are many cute and cheap dresses for girls online and in stores such as Windsor, Shein, Fashion Nova, and dress boutiques. Windsor is well known for its high-quality dresses with a lot of glitter and sequins. Shein and Fashion Nova are known for their affordability and options. 

This year, many girls are going for the long gown and sparkly look. Cara Baus, a senior at Oakland Mills, plans to wear an emerald green, sparkly gown. 

Many boys match their tuxedos or shirts to their date, so be sure to check out color options at places such as Express Men, Men’s Wearhouse, or even Macy’s. These stores will have everything you need, or you can order your outfits or get them customized by a designer. There are also small businesses online where you can order your customized bow, tie, or tuxedo. 

If you are struggling to find a cute dress for your prom, you can come visit the journalism team, and they will help you find the perfect dress! We had hundreds of dresses donated, and some are even brand new with tags. All dresses will be only $10. The journalism team is down in room 211; come speak to Ms. Moore for more information.

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