Rihanna’s New Album

Long-awaited new music

Attention all Rihanna fans! The most anticipated album finally has a release date! Many fans from all over the world have been waiting many years for Rihanna to release a new album since her last album, Anti, in 2016. This past week, Rihanna released a Twitter statement stating, “R9 will be released on April 4! Thank you all for the love and support.”

Her newest album containing 11 songs will be released on April 4th, 2023. Following her Super Bowl performance, there was a massive amount of hype for the new album. Many fans wanted the album to be released as soon as possible, and Rihanna finally made it happen. 

R9 does not disappoint. Many fans are excited about the new album, and the hype will only grow when the album is officially released. A few days before the album release, Rihanna celebrated with partner A$AP Rocky. Tabloids show the pair having a fancy dinner together, celebrating with their friends and family. Many fans continue to hype up the album. It might even be a contender for Album of the Year! Be sure to check out R9 now, available wherever you get your music!

Happy April Fool's Day!🦂

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