Taylor Swift Officially Announces Retirement

For those who do not know, Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and director. She has been famous worldwide for her songs, her brilliant songwriting, and her great ability to tell stories through her music. 

Swift has been part of the music industry for over a decade and she was even named the Artist of the Decade by the American Music Awards in 2019. Even though she has a big amount of haters and people who dislike her music, she’s still pretty well-known around the entire world. Swift adores her fans very much, but lately, she has been disappointing Swifties… 

First, she started disappearing from the internet and has not been communicating or letting her fans know if she is working on new music. She usually releases songs and albums pretty quickly, or, she is at least very active on social media. She also has not toured ever since her Reputation tour four years ago. Now, she’s finally letting everyone know that she will officially be retired from music forever. 

According to Swift, “music does not make me happy like it used to before.” She also stated how tired she was, and how ever since what happened with her manager Scooter Braun, music has lost the spark and glamor it once had. “It is for the best and I hope my fans will be able to understand what I’m going through. It was a fun and long journey, but I’m ready to rest and let it all go. I’ll never forget this,” said Swift after announcing her retirement on social media. 

This may be hard news to take for some people, especially her fans. I gathered thoughts from some students at Oakland Mills about the news. 

“I knew she was going to do it one day, I just wish she’d release one more album. It’s sad, she had a good run,” stated sophomore Ricardo. 

Senior Brandi said, “honestly, I’m going to miss her cool, catchy songs.”

“I’m not a fan of hers, but I do admit she has good songs and is talented,” stated an anonymous freshman. 

“I don’t listen to her songs and I find her a bit annoying, but if I’m being honest, she did have an impact on music,” said junior Susie Joseph. 

“She’s talented and a good musician. My mom will be sad to hear this,” said freshman Amanda Witherspoon.  

But it’s not all entirely over yet. Swift announced that she will go on tour starting on March 24th for her farewell tour. It’s a very sweet and nice way of saying goodbye to her fans and her career. If she actually goes on tour, it may be her biggest concert ever. Her last concert Reputation broke many ticket sale records. She became the third highest-grossing female concert tour of all time and the highest-grossing tour ever in the United States and North America. 

Swift has been trending on social media, especially Twitter, where people are letting her know how they feel about her retirement. Her fans expressed that they are pretty excited about her last concert and that they still love her and will always love her. 

Seems like this tour might be the perfect way of saying goodbye and thank you to her fans. Bye, Taylor, we will miss you!

Happy April Fool's Day!🦂

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