All About Kylee Hoffman

The Editor in Chief of Journalism

Kylee Hoffman is a senior here at Oakland Mills High School and the Editor-in-Chief for our school newspaper, The Scroll. Kylee joined Journalism her sophomore year and says being a part of the Journalism program has kept her up to date with what has been going on in our community, as well as giving her a platform to share what she learns with others. Kylee also mentions she loves the different points of view that come from the different students writing these articles. Her biggest accomplishments throughout her high school career are becoming Editor-in-Chief and performing with the choir in Cincinnati this past February. While there are many accomplishments, there are also many challenges, including editing the papers when they are being released. She spends at least 20 hours a week editing and formatting each edition of the newspaper.

Not only is Kylee an Editor-in-Chief but she also participates in many different activities in the community including golf, choir, and in the past, theater. She says these activities have given her opportunities to express herself to others in ways she could not before. One of Kylee’s biggest passions is choir, and she says, “We have group chats but don’t always talk outside of school, but the minute we’re in that classroom, we are a family.” Another passion of hers is golf. Kylee says playing golf on a team has taught her lots of bravery, courage, and confidence.

When Kylee graduates, she plans on going to Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. She plans on pursuing a career in pediatric nursing while playing for their golf team. Kylee was first considering being a teacher, but when covid hit, she realized how much it affected teachers. Watching the challenges that her mother -who is a teacher- faced changed her outlook on things. Kylee now wants to pursue nursing because she saw how much people in the health department were sacrificing to help others in need. She has a special place in her heart for those in need because she has known people who have been in that same position. This is why Kylee knew she wanted to be in the health department to help those in need and do whatever she can to have a positive effect on people.

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