What Renovations Should OM Receive?

There’s something around here that needs to change! Oakland Mills High School was built in 1973, and it shows. For one, the very obvious elephant in the room, or in this case the school, is the lack of space we have. Causing problems like too many students in classrooms and hallways, not enough gathering spaces for students, and even getting to the point of overcrowding. … Continue reading What Renovations Should OM Receive?

Inside the Mind of OM 

Who is that New Psychologist at Oakland Mills High?! Are you a listener? The person that everyone comes to when they need advice or just want to talk? Well, Mrs. Scheuneman, our new Oakland Mills High School psychologist, definitely was and that is the reason why she is here with us today.  Here’s a Little Background Growing up, Mrs. Scheuneman lived most of her life … Continue reading Inside the Mind of OM 

The Legacy of Bob Saget

Bob Saget, the beloved actor and comedian, will be remembered for his stand-up comedy and many of his hit roles in television and film.  The Beginning  Bob Saget began his career in the city that he was raised in: Philadelphia. It’s where he graduated from college and the place that shaped him into the jokester he was. For years, Saget performed many comedy gigs, from … Continue reading The Legacy of Bob Saget

Cheap Christmas Gift For the Holiday Season

Christmas is coming right around the corner, so get ready to spend quality time with your loved ones, enjoy plenty of festivities, and receive or give gifts. Around this time of year, it can be difficult to find gifts, and you might need a little help figuring things out, so I came up with a short list of great cheap Christmas gifts that you can … Continue reading Cheap Christmas Gift For the Holiday Season