New Netflix Series: Wednesday Review

A New Tim Burton Production

If you were in love with the classic Addams Family movie or TV show as much as I was, then Netflix’s new show may be of interest to you. Although I was skeptical of a new take on a classic character at first, I was very surprised at how entertaining this series was.

The new Netflix series Wednesday begins with the main character, Wednesday Addams, attending a public school where she quickly gets expelled for enacting revenge on her younger brother’s bullies. Her parents decide to send her off to the boarding school that they went to when they were young, called Nevermore Academy. They hope that she will be able to fit in with misfits and outcasts just like her. However, throughout her time there, she finds herself becoming a rookie detective when a mystery at the school starts to come to light.

Now, we are all aware of how cringy a Netflix series spin-off can turn out. In the beginning, I did not have high expectations for the new Addams Family series, but Netflix was successful at keeping that classic Addams Family tune with plenty of dark humor and bizarre activities. There were some parts of the series that threw me off such as the time period. I will admit, I am not really used to the Addams Family being in a time when Instagram and TikTok exist, but somehow, the modern translation worked. There is also the fact that the Addams Family is not the only outcast part of this society. In the traditional story, the Addams Family was weirdly different from the rest of the world, but in the modern retelling, there are many outcasts just like the Addams.

Though the world in which the Addams live may be slightly different in the Netflix reboot, it is having Wednesday as our main character who is an absolute delight to the series. At first, I was thinking that watching a series primarily based on a nonchalant Wednesday Addams might get boring, however, seeing her smart and sarcastic personality clash with other characters is quite entertaining to watch, especially with her humorous dark jokes. Jenna Ortega brings a modern perspective to the character.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series, it gave a modern-day twist to a classic series and made it an entertaining experience to watch. Be sure to watch all eight episodes of Wednesday on Netflix!

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