Becca Bakes: 15- Minute Cookies

Easy and Quick Cookies for any Holiday Party

We have officially entered the holiday season filled with chilly weather, joy, holiday spirit, and lots of yummy treats! In this edition of Becca Bakes, I am sharing a recipe for quick and easy 15-minute cookies. This recipe has been very popular on social media since it has had many different variations. I will be adding a holiday twist to these cookies to be in the Christmas spirit! 

This recipe only calls for two ingredients: pre–made chocolate chip cookie dough and Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, specifically the one that is pre-cut and that has designs. These ingredients are super easy to find, which makes it  an even more convenient recipe! 

To make the cookies, I started by preheating my oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and lining a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Then, I opened both packages of cookie dough to set up my workspace. I placed about two-tablespoon chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough onto the cookie sheet. On each of the cookie sheets, you can place about 6 chunks. Once you have placed the cookies, you can place one sugar cookie dough piece on top of the chocolate chip cookie chunk.  After all the cookies were assembled, I placed them in the oven for around 12-14 minutes. Once those minutes have passed, you can take them out of the oven and let them sit for two minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack to ensure that they are perfectly baked. 

That is how I made these adorable 15-minute cookies! These are perfect for any holiday party or family gathering this holiday season. They are super easy to make, do not take many ingredients or baking experience, and they are so eye-catching that everyone will want to have one! I like to take them with me if I am visiting a friend or family member because they are quick, easy, adorable, and delicious! I highly suggest trying out this cookie recipe for the holidays. Be on the lookout for more from Becca Bakes! 

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