Benefits of Bromance

A New Kind of Male Bonding. In recent years, the term “bromance” has become increasingly popular. It refers to a close, platonic relationship between two men that is characterized by a strong emotional bond and mutual support. Bromances are often seen as a modern form of male bonding, and they are becoming more visible and accepted in society.  Bromances are different from traditional male friendships … Continue reading Benefits of Bromance

Biggest Shocks of World Cup 2022 Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar was truly full of surprises! From upsetting losses to many unexpected wins, this year’s World Cup was a shock to many. Let’s take a look at some of the unexpected events that happened during the 2022 World Cup.  1. Saudi Arabia vs. Argentina  The first game for Group C, starting with Saudi Arabia and Argentina. Many World Cup … Continue reading Biggest Shocks of World Cup 2022 Qatar

The World Series Recap

The 117th World Series between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies was one of the most entertaining World Series matchups in recent history. The first two games took place in Houston, the next three in Philadelphia, and the last one back in Houston. The win differential coming into this game was staggering, as Houston won almost 20 more games in the regular season. The … Continue reading The World Series Recap

The New Health Teacher in Town, Ms. Hinz!

Meet the newest addition to the OM staff, Ms. Hinz. The first year teacher has joined the health team, and can be found in room 608.  Ms. Hinz stated that she has wanted to be a teacher since the 10th grade, after one of her teachers made a big influence on her. She started out at CCBC where she got her associates degree. She then … Continue reading The New Health Teacher in Town, Ms. Hinz!

Traveling in the Age of Covid

Ever since the pandemic started when the Coronavirus hit, many different public spaces had to change their every day rules and guidelines to help stop the spread. The airport is one of the main places where changes had to be made. Airports and airplanes tend to spread diseases around the world very quickly, so it was imperative that they made changes. I recently flew from … Continue reading Traveling in the Age of Covid