Welcome Mr. Loyola

By: Ben Searles and Benji Gutierrez Have you heard the buzz around the social studies hallway? It’s Mr. Loyola! Who is that you may ask? Mr. Loyola is part of our brand new Oakland Mills High School staff. He teaches social studies located in room 108. Mr. Loyola coaches the cross country team and leads “los escorpiones latino” at Oakland Mills. Mr. Loyola has also … Continue reading Welcome Mr. Loyola

Meet Ms. Veltre: OMs Newest English Teacher

By: Lindsey Lampel and Kylee Hoffman When asked what is one thing you would like all your students to know, Oakland Mills’ newest English teacher and assistant cheer coach, Ms. Veltre said, “I’m just as human as you are”. Ms. Veltre has a super bright personality and can make your day better just by saying “Hey!” to you in the halls. Transferring from Thomas Viaduct … Continue reading Meet Ms. Veltre: OMs Newest English Teacher

New Teacher Article: Mrs. Ache

By: Shanai’ Smith and Kazin Banks Perseverance is “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” (Lexico Dictionary). We are introducing a new member of our Oakland Mills Community.  Rebecca Ache, a science teacher at Oakland Mills High School, is located in classroom 804.   Mrs. Ache spent most of her high school years in Texas. After graduating high school, she attended Lebanon … Continue reading New Teacher Article: Mrs. Ache

The Story of Ms. Williams

By: Vic Burch and Jada Fowler Here at OM, we’ve gained some strong teachers this year. Among them is Ms. Williams, but not only is she new to Oakland Mills, this is also her first official year as a teacher! Ms. Williams graduated from Reservoir High School in 2016 alongside her current colleague and friend, Mr. Loyola, one of the new history teachers here. She … Continue reading The Story of Ms. Williams

Mrs. Dvornicky + Oakland Mills  = Strongest Together!

By: Amy Dominguez-Campos and Juel Collins Watching people achieve their goals when they didn’t have the encouragement to do so is such an alluring topic. We see it happen all the time with artists, singers, and athletes but what about teachers? Mrs. Dvornicky, an Oakland Mills High School math educator, always had the drive of being a teacher even though she didn’t receive much optimism … Continue reading Mrs. Dvornicky + Oakland Mills  = Strongest Together!