Violent Student Resource Officer In South Carolina

Controversies Over Laws and Violence By: Peter Lay Ben Fields, a Student Resource Officer in Richland County, South Carolina was recorded slamming a student to the ground and tossing her several feet. When Sheriff Leon Lott saw the video “it made him want to vomit”. On Wednesday, October 28, the student resource officer, was fired on the grounds that he “violated police regulations when he … Continue reading Violent Student Resource Officer In South Carolina

China’s One-Child Policy Abolished

Will a Two-Child limit be effective? By: Peter Lay Since 1980, China has had a policy limiting families to one child per couple, in an effort put in place by the communist regime to reduce over-population in the ever-growing country. On Thursday, October 29, the policy was altered to allow two children per couple, which should effectively level out the population growth over the next … Continue reading China’s One-Child Policy Abolished