UEFA Champions League Return

The UEFA Champions League, European Soccer’s most prestigious tournament, has begun for the 2020/21 season. After last season’s restart in August, a majority of the games will be played behind closed doors, without fans in the stadium. However, teams located in countries that have allowed limited seating will be able to host fans, a step closer to returning back to full capacity.  Last season’s champions, … Continue reading UEFA Champions League Return

Early Super Bowl LV Contenders

We are currently approaching week six of the NFL season, and some teams are starting to shape up as true Super Bowl contenders. Some teams have kept their great form from last season, while a few new surprises have entered the conversation. Kansas City Chiefs Last season’s champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, have picked up right where they left off, starting the season with a … Continue reading Early Super Bowl LV Contenders

From Haiti to Oakland Mills: Meet Ms. Rayo

“Oakland Mills has been a very friendly environment… I feel welcomed,” says our new ESOL counselor, Ms. Victoria Rayo. Born and raised in Haiti, Ms. Rayo immigrated to Maryland during her high school years and graduated from Reservoir High School. Not only is she the new ESOL counselor for OM, but she currently holds the same role at Wilde Lake High School, so she knows … Continue reading From Haiti to Oakland Mills: Meet Ms. Rayo