Taylor Swift New Album Review

Taylor Swift just released a new album, and you cannot miss it. A new album by one of the most well-known and prosperous artists in the world was just released. Taylor Swift has already released in 2021 her recorded version of her old album Red and as she likes to call it, Red (Taylor’s Version). Now in 2022, she decided to make her fans happier … Continue reading Taylor Swift New Album Review

Spirit Week

Let’s find time to show school pride Over the course of my four years at Oakland Mills, I have noticed that there are never enough spirit weeks. The excitement surrounding the spirit days is evident as soon as October arrives. Decorating, preparing for the dance, and practicing before powderpuff are all large parts of what I love about fall. I have never felt a sense … Continue reading Spirit Week

Halloween Ends Movie Review

A Lackluster Finale With the spookiest day of the year coming right around the corner there are many different types of media and traditions to go along with it. I have decided to review one of the most iconic movie franchises to date for this special occasion. I will be reviewing the award winning film franchise Halloween and more specifically the newest addition to the … Continue reading Halloween Ends Movie Review