Graduation Update: New Changes to Come

Years of academic studies lead up to graduation, which is the finale, the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. However, this year, graduation may look a little different than we are used to. According to administration, graduation has been pushed back to June which may impact seniors who wish to attend the annual senior week celebration held in Ocean City, … Continue reading Graduation Update: New Changes to Come

Unidentified Flying Object at OM

Are aliens among us? On the 13th of February, an unidentified flying object crashed on Oakland Mills High School’s baseball field. Authorities refuse to call it a UFO and the whole situation was initially hidden by the U.S. Air Force. Here is what we learned from our secret information network. Around 2:00 am on the 13th of February, residents of Oakland Mills heard a loud … Continue reading Unidentified Flying Object at OM

HBO: Removed Shows Are Back?

In the past several months, upwards of 80 shows and movies have been quietly removed from the streaming platform HBO Max. Announcements of removals have been scarce with even show-runners not receiving prior notice for the removal of their shows. Attention was first drawn to this after the notorious cancellation of the mostly completed movie Batgirl, in the summer of 2022.  Originally speculated to be … Continue reading HBO: Removed Shows Are Back?

Prom Fashion Comes To You 

Dress to Impress this Prom Season! Oakland Mills has always had exciting proms with stunning and unique outfits. Girls usually wear glittery dresses while the guys show off their tuxedos. If you do not know what to wear for prom this year, keep reading! There are many cute and cheap dresses for girls online and in stores such as Windsor, Shein, Fashion Nova, and dress … Continue reading Prom Fashion Comes To You