Atlanta Won it All

  The 2021 MLB season has sadly come to an end this year with the Atlanta Braves winning the commissioner’s trophy (world series championship trophy). This past season has been very up and down for the Atlanta Braves. From being high contenders earlier this season to being last in their division at one point, to losing their star player to a season-ending injury, to beating … Continue reading Atlanta Won it All

MLB Update

With the Major League Baseball (MLB) season already being three months in, a lot has happened. There have been six NO hitters, four of which were thrown in May, and teams that were thought to be mediocre are actually leading their division. Upcoming star players are making a very big push for their team to make the playoffs. But there is still a lot of … Continue reading MLB Update

Fan Throws Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

On Sunday, May 30, the Brooklyn Nets had a game in Boston where an incident occurred when a fan, Cole Buckley, threw a water bottle at Point Guard star Kyrie Irving. Buckley was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was released after pleading not guilty to the charges and posting a $500 bond, but is now banned from any … Continue reading Fan Throws Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

Kobe Hall Of Fame Induction

The hall of fame is a museum where the best of the best sports players are commemorated. The National Basketball Association has a hall of fame museum located in Springfield, Massachusetts. The museum’s mission is to preserve and promote the history of basketball. Each year, the Hall of Fame produces nominees who are then honored in a ceremony the following year. Last year, the late … Continue reading Kobe Hall Of Fame Induction