My Grandma, the Professional Christmas Tree Decorator

Throughout my entire life during Christmas time, there have always been a few givens: Mom bakes Christmas cookies for the entire family, Grandpa sets up the Christmas train, and Grandma is in charge of decorating the Christmas tree. Ever since I was little, my Grandma would bring me along with her to decorate her tree. She would show me how to fluff the branches on … Continue reading My Grandma, the Professional Christmas Tree Decorator

Christmas Lights

When Christmas lights should really be put up During the holiday season, most homeowners enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas lights, whether it’s lights across a house or an inflatable Santa on the roof. Even simple lights on your railings out front can do the job. Regardless of the type of person you are, most of us enjoy decorating our homes during the holidays.  The … Continue reading Christmas Lights

Christmas Around The World

Different Cultural Christmas Traditions Christmas in the United States is warm and bright! Many houses are decorated with beautiful lights and  tall green trees. Santa Claus and Elf On The Shelf are two really big premises for American culture. Elves are Santa’s helpers, but all these are just beliefs for young kids. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, unlike other countries that celebrate it on … Continue reading Christmas Around The World

Christmas All Over the World                          

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Takumi Shinkai and I am an exchange student from Japan. Since I got here in August, I was surprised by a lot of cultural differences because the United States is a country of diversity. There are tons of people here from all over the world, which allows for a lot of different traditions … Continue reading Christmas All Over the World