Welcome Mr. Loyola

By: Ben Searles and Benji Gutierrez Have you heard the buzz around the social studies hallway? It’s Mr. Loyola! Who is that you may ask? Mr. Loyola is part of our brand new Oakland Mills High School staff. He teaches social studies located in room 108. Mr. Loyola coaches the cross country team and leads “los escorpiones latino” at Oakland Mills. Mr. Loyola has also … Continue reading Welcome Mr. Loyola

Meet The New Social Studies Teacher!

By Theresa Eru and Oba Aofolaju History, we are constantly making it, but here is someone who is teaching it.  Please give a warm welcome to one of the new social studies teachers, Ms. Hines! In her college days, Ms. Hines actually majored in education before veering off into healthcare. She ended up staying in healthcare for 20 years where she specialized in case management, … Continue reading Meet The New Social Studies Teacher!