Caesar Escabi Fuentes: The Face of The Average OM Student

Caesar Escabi Fuentes is a 17-year-old senior at OM who will be graduating soon and heading to Lincoln Tech on a full-ride scholarship. Like many others, Caesar did not enjoy high school. When asked what makes his choices unique, he stated, “In reality, nothing. I’m probably the 53rd person to go through this exact same path, make the same choices, and make the same decisions.” … Continue reading Caesar Escabi Fuentes: The Face of The Average OM Student

We Still Need Your Service!

More hours added to the requirement?! On April 1, 2023, the Howard County Board Of Education announced plans of updating service hour requirements for all HCPSS students. Instead of the original 75 hours, it could potentially increase to 90-100 hours of service. The BOE said that Howard County students are not as involved in the community as in other counties, and they believe that this … Continue reading We Still Need Your Service!

Goodbye Canvas!

HCPSS to Switch Learning Management Systems This year will be the final year Canvas will be active in the Howard County Public School System. The Board of Education has decided against using the educational assistance tool, and plans for what comes next have yet to be announced. Canvas was used as a streamlined service for many school related tasks like assignments, quizzes, and accessing grades. … Continue reading Goodbye Canvas!