Caesar Escabi Fuentes: The Face of The Average OM Student

Caesar Escabi Fuentes is a 17-year-old senior at OM who will be graduating soon and heading to Lincoln Tech on a full-ride scholarship. Like many others, Caesar did not enjoy high school. When asked what makes his choices unique, he stated, “In reality, nothing. I’m probably the 53rd person to go through this exact same path, make the same choices, and make the same decisions.”

When asked if he made the best use of his time in high school, he replied, “No, not at all.” Caesar did not like going to class and having teachers, and his advanced computer science class gave him the most grief.  But he stated that English was a class that simply helped him and that he would have advised his younger self to not fail to turn in an assignment, as it leads to failure.  However, he credits having friends with helping him make it through high school.

Before high school, Caesar had aspirations to join the armed forces, wanting them to pay for his education. However, since money is no longer an issue, he plans to pursue a full-time college education before entering the workforce as a mechanic. Caesar expressed that he wished he had spent more time studying, and even now is failing one class because he doesn’t study for it.

When asked if his family was proud of him, Caesar said, “No, of course they are proud of me for going to Lincoln Tech, but they are not proud of my grades.” When asked how it felt to know he was done with high school, he expressed his opinion by stating that “I’ve heard high school is the hardest it gets besides college, and that’s more lenient.”

In closing, when asked if he was ready to leave high school, Caesar answered with a “yes, 100%”. Congratulations to Caesar on making it to the end of high school, and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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