Seniors’ Last Year 

Class of 2023 through the years

The school year is coming to an end and the 12th graders are getting ready to say goodbye. It has been a challenging journey for everybody, but we were able to conquer it!  

Starting freshman year in 2019, almost every current senior was happy to start high school. Everything was normal until a global pandemic happened and caused schools to shut down for about a year and a half. This meant mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, city-wide curfews, and only essential services being able to operate. Almost all household supplies went out of stock and people were selling them online for more than their normal cost.

As all that was happening, schools had to transition to online learning. For some, it was rough, and for others, it was easier. It was difficult to wake up in the morning and not only that, but it was hard for people to focus on their Google Meet classes. Current seniors did online learning for the second semester of their 9th-grade year and their entire 10th-grade year. Then, starting school in person again in 2021, they were thrown into their junior year, which is supposedly the hardest year of high school. It was challenging to get adjusted to the 2021-2022 school year because even though everybody was able to come back, we still had to wear masks every day. It was most definitely a year to remember for the Class of 2023.

Now in the 2022-23 school year, we can say everything has gone back to normal. People were happy to see friends when they came back and excited to be able to participate in extracurricular activities again, including clubs and sports. Mostly everybody could not wait for the football games in the fall, and it was a lot of fun! And though it was a long a challenging journey, it is exciting for the seniors as they approach a very normal graduation this month. 

I hope that the seniors enjoyed their years at Oakland Mills. Do not forget that you can always come hOMe to say hello in the future. Congratulations and good luck to the Class of 2023! 

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