Meet Our Amazing Senior Adviser

Get To Know Mr. Campitelli Here at Oakland Mills, we have so many amazing staff members! An example of one is Tony Campitelli, who is a special education teacher, senior class advisor, and helps one of our algebra teachers Ms. Tung! Mr. Campitelli has been in the teaching industry for over 21 years and has met many of his goals. He has lived in Virginia … Continue reading Meet Our Amazing Senior Adviser

Seniors’ Last Year 

Class of 2023 through the years The school year is coming to an end and the 12th graders are getting ready to say goodbye. It has been a challenging journey for everybody, but we were able to conquer it!   Starting freshman year in 2019, almost every current senior was happy to start high school. Everything was normal until a global pandemic happened and caused schools … Continue reading Seniors’ Last Year 

2023 Senior Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Anderson-Little!

Have you ever had a teacher read your mind? That is what it feels like to sit in Mrs. Anderson-Little’s Psychology class. Recently announced as the 2023 Senior Teacher of the Year, Anderson-Little guides students through the world of Psychology and Women’s Studies. It comes as no shock to any student that Anderson-Little was chosen since she also believes she has “great relationships with a … Continue reading 2023 Senior Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Anderson-Little!