The Origins of Christmas Traditions

The festive season of love and joy is spread during the month of December, but why do we celebrate it the way we do?  The biggest mystery lies behind the tree, originating in Germany during the 16th century; they were the first to start the tradition of putting up trees to celebrate the holiday. According to, it is also rumored that Martin Luther, a … Continue reading The Origins of Christmas Traditions

Black Panther: The Legacy Continues

The Marvel cinematic universe is very vast and filled with many superheroes. A fan favorite has been Black Panther, the king of Wakanda who also goes by the name of T’Challa.  The first installment of the movie was a major hit as it grossed 700 million when it was released on February 16, 2018. The movie had a huge impact in pop-culture as it brought … Continue reading Black Panther: The Legacy Continues

All About Mrs. Davis!

Interviewing Mrs. Davis was a delightful experience, her charisma and joy for impacting the world around her is what makes a great new addition to the OM family.  Raised here in Colombia, MD she attended Talbott Springs Elementary School, Oakland Mills Middle School, spent a year at Oakland Mills High School and eventually graduated from Howard High School. Her passion for teaching first started at … Continue reading All About Mrs. Davis!