An Interview with Gregory Strompolos, Social Media Expert and Entrepreneur


Photo by Ms. White.
The Scroll interviews Gregory Strompolos via Google Hangouts. Strompolos, the director of business development at YouNow, discussing what it’s like to work in social media. Photo by Journalism advisor Ms. White.

By: Maggie Attridge

The future of video-streaming may be here. The livestreaming platform, YouNow, is taking over the technological world. YouTubers, online stars, and singers use the platform to attract attention to themselves and their brand. People who livestream using YouNow, called creators, connect with anyone in the world by live streaming on their computer or mobile device.

     Gregory Strompolos is the director of business development at YouNow, and it is his job to recruit new creators to You Now, and get guest broadcasters to use the livestreaming platform. The Scroll was given the opportunity to interview Strompolos, via Google Hangouts. Strompolos explained that,” One of the fun features on the platform is having guest broadcasters.” YouNow has had many famous guest broadcasters who hold hold Q&A sessions and private concerts. Performers have included Charlie Puth, Laura Marano, and Hailee Steinfeld. Youtubers such as Tyler Oakley and Jack Douglass, from Jacksfilms, also use the live streaming platform. Strompolos has used his prior experience working for internet companies like Google and Fullscreen to help build relationships with potential creators for YouNow.

     He also described how YouNow compares to similar broadcasting platforms like Periscope. “If you’re gonna be in a business that has value- you’re gonna have competition,” said Strompolos,” if we focused all our time on our competition, we’d never get anything accomplished.” Strompolos also explained that YouNow’s target audience is between 14 and 17 years old, and that the app is generally used for entertainment purposes, and that he sees a lot of positive interactions between fans and creators.

     YouNow also participated in this year’s America’s Got Talent (AGT) auditions, and has opened up the door to thousands who could not have previously auditioned for the show. Strompolos explained,” The casting department [of AGT] was using YouNow informally to do casting for the show…when we were at a conference, somebody who makes the show approached us [and asked about a partnership].” America’s Got Talent now hosts auditions formally on YouNow and two of the competing contestants on TV were found on YouNow.

     Strompolos also gave the staff of The Scroll advice about going into the social media world. “It is a balance you have to find, you need to tune out the world but you cannot keep it [too low] or else you will miss something.” He also had some advice for rising social media stars. ”It is all about consistency, and remaining professional,” explained Strompolos. He also encouraged potential stars to take part in their community, he said,” that makes it all worthwhile.”

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