Spring Break 2016: Four Places to Visit During Your Spring Vacation



By: Aniecea Aaron

With Spring Break right around the corner, students are finding cheap and creative things to do. Columbia, Maryland is surrounded by beautiful major tourist attractions such as Baltimore and Washington D.C. If you decide to stay in Maryland during the break, they are fun things that you can do with your friends or family.

Ocean City, Maryland

Maryland has an array of destinations that are delightful to visit for spring break. One of the most popular is Ocean City, which is a resort town that has a three-mile boardwalk and miles of beach. Along the boardwalk they’re shops, restaurants, and hotels. USA Today named Ocean City’s boardwalk one of the best boardwalks for food. Other than the classic boardwalk food, like The Muze Cafe, Captain’s Table Restaurant and Caruso’s Pizza, there are also restaurants that serve fresh seafood and Maryland’s world-renowned Chesapeake Bay crab cakes.

Ocean City is also known for “juicy Eastern Shore fried chicken, succulent smoked ham or smoky ribs dripping with sauce”, according to the Ocean City Maryland website. There is more to do in Ocean City than stuffing one’s face. There are also arcades and a theme-park that brings a fun atmosphere to the boardwalk. When visitors are ready to relax on the beach, they can take a dip in the ocean or just admire the beautiful sunsets.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

The Baltimore Inner Harbor is just seventeen miles from Oakland Mills High School, which makes it a perfect destination for a spring break day trip. There are many things to do in the Baltimore Inner Harbor such as going on a tour, like the Baltimore National Heritage Area Trails and Tour, on which you will see landmarks from the Civil War and the War of 1812, or going on a cruise, like the Spirit Cruise, which provides a beautiful opportunity for sightseeing around the Baltimore Harbor. Visitors to the Inner Harbor can also go to the National Aquarium or the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not museum.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore has award-winning habitats and almost 20,000 animals. The National Aquarium is a fun and educational place to do over your spring break. There are a variety of tours that allows you to come close with exotic animals from all around the world. You can go on a tour to see behind the scenes look of your favorite animals. If you visit the award-winning Blacktip Reef exhibit, you can come almost face to face with wobbegong sharks, a 500-pound sea turtle, and stingrays.

Visitors can shop until they drop in the many stores the Inner Harbor has to offer. There are also dozens of restaurants to choose from. If someone is planning an overnight trip, they can book a room in the many affordable hotels around the area.

Six Flags America

Another place to go for Spring Break is Six Flags America. The amusement park is located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and has dozen of rides for all ages. The season starts on March 25th and the park will be hosting an Easter sale that will allow visitors to save up to 54%There are roller coasters on the park, like the Apocalypse, Batwing Coaster–which has five thrilling inversions– and Mind Eraser, that gets up to 115-feet tall. The park also offers water rides such as the Bahama Blast–which is six feet of water slides–and the Buccaneer Beach, which has a two-pool beach.

There are park restaurants where you can get snacks like ice cream, popcorn or funnel cake.  There are restaurants that serve classic American food such as cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, corn dogs and buffalo wings. Italian food is also offered at the park, as visitors are able to get Famous Famiglia Pizza and cheese sticks. For dessert, the visitors can have funnel cake, ice cream and soft pretzels.

Washington D.C.

There are a variety of things to do in Washington D.C., otherwise known as the capital of the United States. Washington D.C. is home to the National Mall where you can visit historical landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial. Washington D.C. is also home of the White House, so visitors can either wait outside and hope to get a glimpse of the first family, or submit a request to their Member of Congress for a tour of the White House.

If one does not want to visit the White House,  they can go to the United States Capitol. In the home of the U.S. legislature, visitors can go to gift shops and dine in the restaurant. One can get a tour of the beautiful designs of the Senate Wing of the Capital and a tour of Freedom Fighters in the capital collections. It might be short notice to plan these tours for this spring break, but it’s not too early to start planning for the summer.

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