Azealia Strikes Again


By: Karen Torres

     Azealia Banks tries to stay relevant once again by throwing out her unneeded opinions out into the Internet. Banks caused trouble when sending out racial and homophobic slurs to the one and only Zayn Malik. Not only did Banks cross the line then, she also said some extremely disrespectful things to 14-year-old Disney Channel actress, Skai Jackson, who simply wanted to state that Azealia Bank’s tweets to Zayn Malik were getting out of hand.

     Jackson had quite a lot to say about Miss Banks. Jackson tweeted “and I’m sure my mom did a way better job then yours did! You give black women a bad name. I’ll be praying for you!”. This attack went on from Tuesday and lasted until Wednesday morning. The Twitter drama started with Banks tweeting and claiming that Malik’s music video was low-key inspired by her previous work. The tweet that started the chaos is too discriminatory to be said in a high school newspaper, but all that is important is that the comments were extremely ignorant and rude.

     Jackson came into this mess after reading what Banks had aimed at Malik, by tweeting “azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little”. This comment lead to a series of tweets back and forth in which Banks said some extremely derogatory statements. Then it ended with Jackson, who is a teenager, being a bigger person than the rapper by tweeting “take your L like a champ”. The rest of the internet came into a complete outrage from the fans of Zayn Malik and other humans with a heartbeat were extremely upset with azealia Banks for saying the things she did, and for being completely apathetic about it.

     This is not the first time Azealia Banks has said problematic things towards another celebrity. Banks calls people out and holds them accountable for their actions but fails to do the same for herself.

     After the awful debacle between her, Skai Jackson and Zayn Malik, Banks did try and attempt to “apologize” to everyone who “took offense” to what she said. This also sparked some upset in the media because she did not apologize to Jackson nor Malik. Her attempts failed since her “apology” seemed weak and did not truly justify her word choice in her tweets which were very unnecessary.

     Since the initial comments, Twitter has suspended Bank’s account, which means she can no longer be active. Banks attempted to make another Twitter account but was shut down immediately. She has also been removed from a U.K festival she was supposed to perform in. This comes to show how much your words and actions can make or break your career, as well as the public’s opinions about you. Even fame and fortune does not give you a free pass to choose not to be a decent human.

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