Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review — One Last Time



By: Nate Bechetti

Nathan Drake is a legend. These are strong words, but considering what he’s discovered over his past adventures, including El Dorado, Shangri-la, and the Arabian city of Ubar, it’s no surprise that this statement is used often. What adventure is the famous Nathan Drake pursuing now? A normal life. He’s almost got himself convinced that he’s happy sitting at home. But when his long lost brother asks him for his help, he can’t say no, and yet again embarks on another grand adventure.

     When it comes to gameplay, Uncharted 4  is as smooth as butter. The running feels natural, and the climbing feels real in the best possible way, Nate feels weighted, yet cartoonish in some instances, such as when he needs to climb to impossible heights. This lends itself to weight-filled leaps of faith, as well as crazy swings from the new rope mechanic, which is extremely versatile. It can be used to traverse the environment, but it does not mean that it is used exclusively for climbing. It can be used to traverse the environment in any battle situation, allowing for Nate to get a satisfying advantage. It is extremely satisfying to get behind unsuspecting enemies and take them down with ease.

     Speaking of taking down enemies, the aiming controls are tight and responsive—complete with a setting in the options menu to adjust the sensitivity on the aiming feature. All of the weapons feel realistic, but they aren’t so weighty that they feel sluggish, which in turn creates an action-blockbuster feel as Nate makes charismatic puns as he mows down the hoards of enemies. Overall, the gameplay is the most solid of the entire franchise.

     The music in the game is the same as it has always been, honestly. The same ups and downs play as the more atmospheric, calm, and scenic orchestral sounds overlap with the tense, fast-paced drums that play in the middle of a firefight. The music allows for one to get caught up in whatever is going on, from sliding down a cliffside to taking in the beautiful vastness of an ocean. The bombastic main theme, an orchestral piece that really defines the the theme of discovery and adventure, has been tweaked, and was given a more melancholic tone which accents the end of an era. Although it has been updated, It’s the same beautiful, thrilling music that everyone has become accustomed to.

      Uncharted 4 is one heck of a game. I feel as though it has smooth controls, wonderful gameplay, a thrilling story, some immersive music, and lasts a good fifteen hours of entertainment (not including the online mode). I recommend this as a must have for anyone who owns a PS4 because it is truly a fantastic end of one of the best franchises I have played.

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