League of Legends: Preseason is here, gamers––get ready!

If you haven’t already heard, League of Legends ranked Season 6 ended on November 8. With LoLEsports, several teams competing fought their way until two teams (SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy) remained. SKT won the World Series with a close-called game against SSG and took Worlds ( the League World Championship game) for the third time. Meanwhile, players who anticipated updates and changes to the game were already preparing to climb the ranked system for Season 7.

Riot Games, the creator of the popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) League of Legends, gave insight into what changes were made to Champions, Mechanics, Masteries, and new items. Here’s a quick rundown: Assassins were put on the spotlight, being reworked to make gameplays more interesting. Focusing on specific champions such as Katarina, Talon, Akali, Fizz, Leblanc; many of their skills were modified almost completely, such as ult(imates) having a bigger cast range and higher damage, and minor tweaks applying crit(ical) damage to several champion skills.

With the update, stealth (being able to move around easily) was majorly affected––differentiating camouflage to have a longer duration and invisibility having a shorter duration. Champions such as Twitch, Evelynn, and Rengar’s camouflage would be revealed the closer the champion gets to an opposing enemy, control ward (a ward allows the player to see a specific area of the game, or turret. Unlike camouflage, invisibility in the game allows certain champions (characters) to only be spotted by turrets.

Another important factor of playing League is buying items to assist with playing a champion, which ultimately upgrades the stats. Knowing this, Riot Games added three new items mainly for Assassins; Duskblade of Draktharr, Edge of Night, and Poacher’s Dirk. Meanwhile, supporting champions (that assist others in the game) might depend on items such as Redemption and Knight’s Vow.

After items, properly built masteries provide keystones (extra stats) to give an advantage over enemy teams. Masteries have been adjusted so “Strength of the Ages” was replaced with “Courage of the Colossus” with some other minor updates. One huge update to the game itself was the jungle mechanics. (In the map, the jungle is a big part of the game with different buffs and ways to level up) These updates included three different plants to provide either a quick escape or initiating a fight, health regen, and vision control. These three factors could be a game-changing moment, giving both teams an opportunity to change the result of the game.

The new season is expected to start around December 8 (in fact, it has already started), allowing time for League players everywhere to sharpen their skills and learn about the new changes in the preseason.

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