Ms. Wright – First Edition of Meet the Staff


In the time McKenna Wright has taught English at Oakland Mills High School, she has displayed many special attributes including a positive attitude and engaging teaching. In an interview with Ms. Wright, she revealed many hidden characteristics that a multitude of students may not have known about her.

When asked why she became an English teacher, Ms. Wright answered, “I love literature and storytelling and I wanted to work with people.”

She also said that Harry Potter and Slaughterhouse Five are books that have had an impact on her because she adores both books. She elaborates that Kurt Vonnegut, the author of Slaughterhouse Five, “has a very realistic view of the world.”  

Aside from her literary interests, Ms. Wright discussed her upbringing in Kansas.

She also attended college at Kansas State University. “I miss Kansas because my family and friends are there,” Ms. Wright said, though she is very happy she landed here at Oakland Mills.

Most students may not know that Ms. Wright minored in Spanish Language and International Studies during her time in college. She explained that she chose the minor because she loves connecting with people and learning languages, both skills have been very helpful in her teaching career.  

When she is not teaching, Ms. Wright advises setting aside planning and grading to relax after a hard day at school.

“Telling myself not to work hard is key. I’m a perfectionist and it is challenging. I remind myself that if I don’t take a break, then I won’t be a good teacher for my students.”

Ms. Wright mentioned that she loves to hike with friends, go to new restaurants, and host the occasional movie night. Her movie tastes include suspense, historical fiction, and comedy.

As the interview came to an end, I asked Ms. Wright an important question: If you had a chance to influence your students, and supposedly they accept it, what life advice would you give them?

Her reply was simple. “Life goes very fast. Focus on things that go well for you. Be with your loved ones. Meet wonderful people that can make life enjoyable.”

P.S., Happy birthday!

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