Senior Superlatives

Here are the Senior Superlatives for 2017! Congrats to the winners!

Most Likely to Succeed:

  • Rosa Kirk-Davidoff
  • Jonah Freeman

Most Likely to Teach at OM:

  • Niaa Morrison
  • Josh Holland

Best Dressed:

  • Kayla Burch-Strong
  • Alex Okafor

Most Athletic:

  • Mik’yla Stephens
  • Joey Navarro

Best Smile:

  • Priyah Tshiteya
  • Brooklyn Harriston

Fine Arts Fanatic:

  • Annabelle Capino
  • Roman Saunders

Best Eyes:

  • Faith Tacey
  • Jordan Hopkins

Mr/Mrs. Congeniality:

  • Samantha Donovan
  • Gabriel Pillay

Dynamic Duo:

  • Alexis Johnson & Alana Dale

Cutest Couple:

  • Marisa Flanigan & Gavin Kohn

Most Spirited:

  • Harmonie Mbangu
  • Evan Riss

Most Changed:

  • Bri Arnovitz
  • Javin Barnes

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