Too Old To Trick Or Treat?: A Safe Halloween for All Ages

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     If Howard County capped the age for trick-or-treating, how would you feel? In Canada, a town restricts the age for trick or treaters at sixteen. If any teens are caught, they have to pay a fine of two hundred dollars. Many people disagree with this for obvious reasons. These reasons include time spent with friends, free candy, and dressing up just for the fun of it. Here in America, children of all ages enjoy the holiday of dressing up and getting free candy. Even adults join in on the fun, whether they are just part of their child’s costume or they are just out to supervise. Everyone should be able to participate during Halloween.     

     The real question is: how much trick-or-treating is too much? You should only really have to go to one, maybe two neighborhoods, depending on size. If the neighborhood is large, then you should only stay in that neighborhood because there is really no way you would be able to go to every house before some start to run out of candy. If you are in a small neighborhood, maybe only a few streets, then you should consider going to another neighborhood because you would still have enough time to get loads of candy.

     Be safe while you are out there, always check your candy for anything suspicious, to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. It’s important to establish a fun and very spooky Halloween.

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