Conspiracy Theories: Always Waiting To Be Discovered

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     A conspiracy theory has many different definitions and variations. Most will agree that conspiracy theories are ways to understand the world and keep a peace of mind. It is human nature to question “Why?” and find the reasoning behind it. Many conspiracy theories are fueled by a personal choice of belief or a mainstream way of thinking. It is a decision to follow either one. Others simply call it a kind of paranoia or mental illness that causes people to fall onto any kind of meaning or reason they can find. However, many would name these as conspiracies. Therefore, it is very evident how neutral and flexible the title, “conspiracy theories” is. It can be a civil, criminal or political matter for the most part. Most of the theories that have evolved over the years are based off of historical events and some natural occurrences. These theories have been created by everyday people just like yourself. There is always a conspiracy waiting to be discovered.

     The examples of conspiracies in our society vary greatly. The most popular form of conspiracy theories is the one about the world fluctuating in and out of dimensions, therefore altering small aspects of our universe. No, not time travel—just alternating realities, no biggie. This phenomenon is also called The Mandela Effect. This name was created by Fiona Broome because there were many people like her who had a vivid memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in 1980. There are many people you will meet that will believe that the popular children’s book and TV show The Berenstain Bears are spelled like “Bernstein” Bears. Creepy, right? Doesn’t the legendary rock band “Queen” end their famous song, “We Are the Champions” with the phrase, “Of the world?” No, they do not actually.

    Many people needed to know why so many people had completely separate understandings and conceptions of certain things. Therefore, the conspiracy theory was born. There are more serious conspiracy theories though that make more sense and more value than those about rock bands. The government has always been a mystery and the multiple disasters and situations that have evolved from their connections with other companies and groups across the globe are almost surreal. Like one of the few recent conspiracies for example, many people believe that Trump is conspiring against the people and creating these horrible hurricanes with the help of The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). Sounds crazy, right? Although there is no hardcore facts that accompany conspiracy theories, there are connections that normal people like you and I can discover and unfold. Conspiracies are all about creation and desperation for explanation and in most cases we must create our own truths. There are other conspiracies, for instance, that the world was meant to end on September 23, 2017 because Nibiru—a planet that orbits through the universe every 3,600 years—was going to collide with our planet. Later though, it was proven as a hoax. Therefore, on September 24, you could feel the whole world take a deep breath. This also proves just how outlandish these theories can become.

     Conspiracy theories require a lot of heart, though a lot of trust as well. There is no way someone will always believe in a non-factual theory, these theories can be overwhelmingly insane. If you ever have time on your hands, look up few different conspiracies and psych yourself out.

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