Black History Month

Black History Month is the one time of year designated solely for the Black community to celebrate our successes, perseverance, and beauty. Black History Month is meant to be a celebration of Black culture and everything that comes with it. As most of us have experienced throughout our school careers, Black History Month has become a repetitive occurrence. We all know about Martin Luther King … Continue reading Black History Month

Conspiracy Theories: Always Waiting To Be Discovered

       A conspiracy theory has many different definitions and variations. Most will agree that conspiracy theories are ways to understand the world and keep a peace of mind. It is human nature to question “Why?” and find the reasoning behind it. Many conspiracy theories are fueled by a personal choice of belief or a mainstream way of thinking. It is a decision to … Continue reading Conspiracy Theories: Always Waiting To Be Discovered

Mr. Coleman

Room 270, the Choir Room, has always been one of the many safe havens for the students of Oakland Mills. This room had formerly belonged to Mrs. Elpus, one of the student body’s favorite teachers. Yet, in her absence she has left someone just as enthusiastic, heart-warming, loving and hardworking as she. Mr. Edryn Coleman is a young, passionate teacher born and raised in Montgomery, … Continue reading Mr. Coleman