Ms. Bove

Senorita Sarah Bove is one of the Spanish teachers here at Oakland Mills High School (OMHS). She has been teaching at OMHS for ten years now, but has been in the OM community for practically her whole life. Attending both Oakland Mills Middle and High School, she graduated in the class of 2005 and returned to OMHS with big goals in mind. “In an ideal world, my ultimate goal is to have kids be passionate about learning new languages and engaging themselves into different cultures,” said Ms. Bove. Bove has a strong belief in engaging with kids and creating a professional bond with kids in order to help them perform better in class. She is also full of spirit and has a very big heart for OM. Some of her favorite memories as a teacher at OM are being a class sponsor, and planning homecomings and proms. Even when she was in high school, she was very school-spirited. However, Bove also has a huge heart outside of school. “I think I make other people around me happier…. being cordial, chit-chatty, and nice and friendly with people.” She also loves to travel, having gone to almost thirteen different countries. Ms. Bove is a charismatic, fun, and caring individual who always sees the glass half full and is an important piece of the OM community.

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