The 2018 Winter Olympic Games


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     The 2018 Winter Olympic Games started on February 9, with the Opening Ceremony putting South Korea on the world stage. The city of PyeongChang is the home of athletes competing in this year’s Olympics, including the 244 young men and women representing the USA. The games serve as a time for world-class athletes to represent their country in the sport they have devoted most of their lives to.

     Some of the main sports being played at the Winter Olympics this year are ice hockey, snowboarding, curling, figure skating, and freestyle skiing. These events bring many countries together and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent for the world to see. Athletes representing each country from around the world prepare for years for their one moment to go out and put on a show for their respective country.

     Things have already heated up in the figure skating team event. Team Canada cruised through figure skating and freestyle skiing to capture the title of gold while the United States came in third place for the bronze medal. The United States also captured the gold for snowboarding. Germany got the gold in the Biathlon event, and the Netherlands surprised everyone as they stole the gold in speed skating. Last but certainly not least, Norway took the gold in Ski jumping.

     The Olympics are a time where the whole world gathers together to compete and decide which country reigns supreme in each respective sport. One of the most important sporting events in the world is underway. Which country will prevail, and which country will bring the gold? Time will tell sooner rather than later.

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