Should College Education be Free?

  Not a lot of families are fortunate enough to send their child to college and pay it off. From a young age you are told that you need a college education in order to be successful, which is what most high school students plan on achieving after their graduation. Others choose to a different career route by blowing up overnight by starring in a viral rap video, or creating a cliche Youtube page with their significant other. Because, neither of those choices are likely to be accomplished, college is the best option after high school.

     A college education is very important to have in order to achieve career choices or just simple life goals. A college degree is seen as a necessity, but is extremely expensive, making it harder to obtain. College tuition alone usually puts a lot of young adults in debt after graduation. After paying for food, laundry, housing, books, and more during the years attending college, graduates not only have the problem of finding a job, but also paying off their debt.

   According to HowStuffWorks, the total cost of college education is skyrocketing out of the reach of the average American family. Meaning that the total amount to go to college is becoming impractical. This leaves people with the question, should college education be free?  


    College Raptor states that one of the benefits of free college is that lower- income students would last until graduation. There are students that drop out and don’t get a chance to finish college because they’re unable to pay tuition for all 4 years. College being free would solve that problem, and increase colleges graduation rates.  

    According  to former Bowie State student, Reon Kirkland, “I left Bowie because of my FAFSA and transportation. My FAFSA couldn’t cover everything and on top of that I had to drive there Monday-Friday and that took a lot of money, so I decided to take the community college route to save money and to be close to home.” Due to the costly amount Reon Kirkland had to relocate colleges, and wasn’t able to finish school at the college of his choice.

   If college tuition was free, students wouldn’t leave college in debt. The average amount of debt a student graduates with is $37,000. To graduate with just $10,000 in debt, you are considered to be lucky.

    Students would be able to choose the major they’re interested in and enjoy. Families choose “practical” majors that have a more profitable post-graduation income, knowing that you have to pay loans back as quickly as you can. Students would feel more comfortable studying what they actually enjoy, rather than what they know pays a large amount.

    High school students are deciding not to go to college because it is “too expensive.” By neutralizing the vast amount of college education, more teenagers will leave high school with the intention to go to college. Since the substantial price wouldn’t be a factor anymore.


    These advantages of free college education can also be seen a negative way. College Raptor states that a drawback of free college would be the fact that the money has to come from somewhere, and also if more students decide to attend college, there would be a major increase in taxes.

     Another fault would be that young adults wouldn’t be able to learn how to budget their finances, but there are plenty of other methods and opportunities to teach young adults how to budget. Students being in debt for most of their life due to college tuition is not the only resort.

    Another disadvantage  that College Raptor argues is that college might not seem that important. Although this could be true, free tuition will not sway students’ opinions because the content that college provides isn’t going to change. If students believe college isn’t important, they will most likely continue to believe this regardless of the price, regardless of the price.

   Although revoking college tuition would lead to an increase in taxes, it still is vital to consider it.  Modifying the price of college education will benefit a lot of people. It will allow a new group of students into college. More students will decide to go to college and have a chance at being successful. More students will graduate college. Young adults won’t have to worry about debt from college tuition, which would take away one of the key cause of stress for young adults. In the end, free college gives everyone equal opportunity and access to their ambitions.  


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