College Pros and Cons

Is a college education really worth it? After high school a lot of people look at getting a college degree to help them pursue their dream career, but with the rising cost of getting a college education, many people wonder if it is really worth the money.


There have been many articles stating that most college students don’t think college is worth the cost, but in a national survey by Pew Research Center 65% percent of people who graduated between 2006 and 2015 agreed that their education was worth the price they paid. The survey also found that people who took out a $50,000 loan or more were more likely to disagree that their education was worth what they paid.


People with college degrees also have access to more jobs since most employers require a higher education of some sort.There is also a wage gap when it comes to people with degrees and people without degrees. High school graduates earn 62% of what those with a four year degree earn, according to a Pew Research Center study.


College is very expensive and is not worth being in large amounts of debt, but it does offer a lot benefits if you are able to pay the right price. A college education should definitely be considered by every student when choosing a path for the future . Β 


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