J.L.R. How Much Did Senior Year Cost You – And Was it Worth It?

     Senior year has been the most expensive year thus far. Here’s a quick summary of what I have spent:


Price Activities Price Activities
$60 Senior Night $300 AP Exams**
$65 Prom** $65 Yearbook
$250 Prom dress/ Suit $180 Senior Pictures
$360 Drivers Ed ** $300 Senior Week House**
$200 Clothes for events $80 Sending ACT scores
$400 College Apps $40 Cap and Gown
$80 Sending SAT scores $400 Deposit for college

**Obviously some things will vary, so here are things you should keep in mind.**

  • Prom: remember you may be buying your date’s ticket, too.
  • Drivers Ed: I realize I took it my senior year, but, hey, it still was something I had to add onto my list of senior-year costs.
  • AP Exams: I’m only taking three, so your price will vary with how many you take. Make them worth it!!
  • Senior Week House: The more people staying with you, the less it’ll cost. Also, this isn’t all you’ll be spending! There are also groceries, souvenirs, and extracurricular activities too!!
  • Other: We’re teenagers and we like to eat… a lot. So try to watch out for your pocket by going to all the deals! Some of my favorites are; Doba Tuesday ($5 taco bowl), half off wings at Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, $3 Pizookies at BJ’s on Tuesdays, Waffle Cone Wednesday at TCBY, and Magic Mondays at Pie5!

     I’m not writing this to scare you, but rather to warn you, I guess. My friends and I strolled into senior year excited that we were almost done, but we had a rude awakening. Teenagers work paycheck-to-paycheck jobs and I may be the only one, but now that I have a job, I don’t like my parents spending money on things that I could easily pay for myself.

     Was it worth it? YES! Senior year is supposed to be about building memories that last forever, and though these things are expensive, I really think you should do it. There are ways you can be smart; for example, use fee waivers for sending scores and applications. Although prom dresses are expensive, you should check clearance, and if there are “missing” beads they’ll give you a discount! You just have to prioritize and find what you think is worth it for you. I promise senior year is completely worth every penny.

     Good luck next year, incoming seniors. You’re all going to do great things. I’ve loved answering your questions, hopefully I’ve helped you in some way or another.

For the last time…

Sincerely yours,

Melissa J. ❤

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