Meet the Staff: Ms Pruitt


In this new school year, we’ve welcomed many staff and students. Among these newcomers, we’ve welcomed back a kind, fun and friendly face of the front office—Ms. Pruitt. 

Ms. Pruitt is from Eldersburg, Maryland, and has been in this school system for a whopping seven years! Outside of Howard County, she’s been a secretary for thirteen years, making that a total of twenty years! In the field, Her reasoning for becoming a secretary was that she wanted to be with her children during the seasonal breaks and school wide days off.

Oakland Mills High School is generally known as a school full of different, colorful students and that’s one of the main reasons Ms. Pruitt enjoys being here. “Interacting with the students is one of the highlights of my day”, she stated. Although she loves hOMe, she’s previously worked at Wilde Lake and Hammond but has now settled with Oakland Mills. As exciting as her job is for her, that’s not where her fun stops! For fun, she loves to participate in seasonal crafts with her kids and even watches cartoon movies with them. When listening to music, she enjoys the sweet spiritual tunes of Christian music and especially enjoys Lauren Daigle, a GMA (Gospel Music Award) award-winning artist.  Her favorite film to watch is The Notebook, due to her being a hopeless romantic. 

As you may  have noticed, dyed hair is very popular thing these days, so I asked her what color would she herself dye her hair and she said she would dye it a combination of turquoise, blue, and purple. One thing she said she loved about herself was her personality because  she is caring and genuine. Overall, Ms. Pruitt is a lovely addition to the staff and if you see her in the front office, be sure to say hello! 


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