Meet the Staff: Mr.Grizzle

    A vast amount of amazing teachers have arrived at our school this year. One of our new teachers is Mr.Grizzle, our new band teacher. Mr.Grizzle originally taught in Virginia and he went to Virginia Tech for his Undergraduate degree. Mr.Grizzle is planning on making the band better by challenging them with harder pieces and keeping the culture of collaboration alive and well while maintaining the friendships that have been among the members of the band. “Every band has a community which I love. That’s one of the best things about a band for me,” Grizzle said.  He’s not planning on changing the cultural aspect of the band because he believes the culture of the band is what makes it original and the best it can be.

     In his youth, Mr. Grizzle played the drums and when it came time to be in an ensemble, he began to play in the percussion section.This is where he discovered  his love for playing in a band and being in an ensemble. Mr. Grizzle had wanted to be a teacher for a long time, it had been his dream job since he was a child. And now he gets to live out his dream, teaching the students at Oakland Mills while pursuing his passion for music. In his free time, Mr. Grizzle enjoys watching musicals such as Hamilton and other theatrical productions. If you hear music flowing through out the halls of OM, follow it to give a warm welcome to our new band teacher, Mr. Grizzle.

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