Meet the Staff: Mr.McCaskill

If you haven’t been paying attention in the halls then you probably don’t know our new teacher, Mr. McCaskill. He teaches 9th grade American History GT and 10th grade American Government Honors. He used to teach in Prince George’s County and in North Carolina for the past eight years. The reason he chose to teach history was because, “he always loved the content area and he felt like history was the best subject.” He went to North Carolina A&T State University, and upon graduation, the first ever grade he taught was 7th grade. His other favorite subject is English because “he likes learning about other people’s stories and he thinks that you can really learn about other people through a book.” The last book that he has read was When I Was White by Sarah Valentine, a memoir about race identity. 

He wanted to be a teacher because “he always liked working with kids,” and he believes that “teachers are a part of the community.” He said that he is “enjoying OM” and hasn’t had any issues yet. In 10 years, he sees himself still working in the education field and hopefully running his own school. A thing that he fears about this job is,“not helping a student reach their full potential or whatever they have to achieve.” His favorite teaching method is playing games, like turning paperwork into a game to make it more fun. I really enjoyed sitting down with Mr. McCaskill, and I hope now that you have learned about him, you would like to meet him in person too.. 

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