Meet the Staff: Ms. Kelly

Ms. Kelly is a new English teacher here at Oakland Mills this year. She is not technically brand new because she previously worked here for twelve years, but she decided to take some time off to spend with herself and her kids. She returned to working at Oakland Mills because she loves the different teachers and the fact that the students have different experiences, which she finds to be pretty cool. Some challenges Ms. Kelly faces coming back to work is setting some time aside for her family, and feeling as if she has to compete to get the students’ attention from their cell phones.

Ms. Kelly went to college at The University of Pittsburgh. Her favorite sport is soccer, which is mainly because her kids play it. Ms. Kelly chose to teach because she feels a strong passion in education making a big difference for students in this generation. She likes teaching because it allows her to devote her time to her students. She also likes her job because she enjoys reading and discussing new novels with her students. She has learned a lot about her students and different techniques to help her students understand. She wouldn’t change her job because she loves teaching; it has always been her dream job. Some of her greatest strengths in teaching English are grammar and reading. Her personal goals include continuing teaching, taking on different challenges as a teacher, such as reading more complex pieces of literature and continuing to better herself.

If Ms.Kelly could be any animal, she would be either a bird, a dolphin, or a grizzly bear. She would be a bird, most likely an eagle, because they can fly and it would be nice to be up in the air away from people for a bit. She would be a dolphin because they are smart and can swim in the ocean. Lastly, she would possibly become a grizzly bear because they seem cuddly and ferocious at the same time. What Ms. Kelly likes most about Oakland Mills is the people. She mainly loves the diversity this school has compared to the other schools and other communities.

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