Meet the Staff: Ms. Hall

A new teacher has joined  the ELA (English Language Arts) team at OM. Sarah Hall was born in Maryland, where she attended Talbott Springs Elementary, Oakland Mills Middle, and Long Reach High School. While in school, she originally didn’t like English at first, but while in college, she began to fall in love with it because of one of her teachers. The teacher showed her a reason to love reading and writing. Mrs. Hall began her student teaching internship at Oakland Mills Middle School just last year. She said, ”I got the call from Dr. Fink, it was almost a gut natural decision” to say yes. She also mentions how some of the students she taught last year are in her classes now, and how she might see many more of them in the hallway as well.

           She teaches two ninth grade level English classes, a PARCC mastery class, and two sections of English 10 CC (college credits). Mrs.Hall also has a life outside of school, she has a two year old daughter who controls whatever she does like going to the park or somewhere else. She said, “anything she wants to do, we do.” She also mentioned that when she has free time, she enjoys watching all different types of TV shows. 

I asked Mrs. Hall how she feels about the staff and what she thinks about the school so far, and she said, “coming back feels like I’m coming home. The staff members have been really helpful and nice so far.” Ms. Hall is a great addition to the Oakland Mills English staff and to the Oakland Mills community. Welcome HOME, Ms.Hall!!!

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