How do Horoscopes know?

Has someone ever asked you, “what’s your sign,”? Then they were more than likely referring to your zodiac. Zodiac signs are typically seen in the sky as constellations, 12 in total. Each one has an abundance of mythical tales originating from various cultures; many people have come to live by them in their daily lives as zodiacs are used to determine certain archetypes/personalities and horoscopes track the positions of zodiacs over time, and use them to make predictions dependent on the sign. But that begs the question: how are zodiacs able to determine that information?

Of the 88 constellations that exist, the sun only passes through 12 of them over various points in the year. These 12 portions are divided up into different  time periods, and our birthdates determine which sign we are by the time period our birthdate was in.

Astrology originated in  Babylonian culture over 2,000 years ago. The study of the sun, moon, and stars helped them to predict the recurrence of celestial and seasonal events. Similarly, the planets position as they are adjacent to or insect with the constellation(s) determine how that sign might be affected. Though they are used to make predictions, horoscopes don’t predict the future. The predictions made by the horoscope are about helping you to better understand your moods and deal with them as situations arise. That’s a common misconception made, which is why people usually discard the information like trash. However, they are a useful tool for self-awareness

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