Why Kids Should Want to Come to OM!

What is “home”? What is a community? There are many textbook definitions you can find online about these words, but there are only so many places you can find them in person. As a student of almost four years at Oakland Mills High School (OMHS or OM), I have seen many things and met different people so that I can say, with confidence, that OM is the place to be if you have any ability to enroll your child here.

One of the first things to be noticed about OM’s community is its student and staff’s ethnic, sexual, and religious diversity. Once enrolled here, it is inevitable that you will eventually come to learn about cultures, languages, sexualities, and religions different from your own from both your peers and teachers.  It’s hard to find other academic settings as diverse as OM, and it’s even harder to find a community that is as accepting as they are. In fact, one of the first things new students who’ve enrolled at the beginning or middle of the year notice about OM is its community and its kindness. 

Another reason as to why kids should want to come to OM are its people, but not for previously mentioned reasons. It’s easy enough to notice how diverse we are, but what keeps people here at OM feeling at home are its people. Their kindness knows no bounds, and truthfully, they are more open-minded than most adults. OM is a major contributor, if not the greatest, in the Canned Food Drive and consistently raise money to support projects that will help other people. Aside from giving back to the community, OM is also incredibly involved in their own academic community. Periodically throughout the year, you will never find people so dedicated to enhancing the school experience through school spirit. Decorating doors to celebrate different languages and cultures, creatively decorating hallways that represent their class and days of the week where people can wear themed outfits or even just pajamas to have a good time. Here at OM, in this community, there are annual events that you’ll never forget.

It also shouldn’t go without mention that some of OM’s most memorable people and primary reasons for making it such a great school are its staff members. There are teachers here who possess interesting, unique, and fun characters and truly love what they do. You will find things in teachers here at OM that you can relate to and create strong connections with. But it’s not only teachers that make OM a strong community, but this also includes our administrators and other staff members that help make OM a hOMe. These staff members are dedicated to building relationships with their students during rallies, spirit week, and all throughout the week of the school year.  

There are many things that other schools in Howard County or the entirety of Maryland have in common with OMHS when discussing an academic opportunity, but what truly makes OM home are its people, and if one decides to enroll here, it will become clear what makes them strongest together!  

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