National Pet Month! by Na’jhay Whren-Jones


Getting a pet as a child or even as an adult is always a good feeling, right? It’s the feeling of having someone always there for you who will listen to you no matter what. Sadly not everyone can get a pet, however, if you do have one, why not celebrate them?

National Pet Month can be celebrated twice a year if you are interested in the celebration of the scaly and furry little loves. This holiday is celebrated in April in the United Kingdom, while in the United States, it is celebrated in May. National Pet Month mostly focuses on the joy and excitement pets bring to humans and vice versa. It allows everyone to focus on how happy they are with their pets and how happy their pets are with them. This month is purely for the pets and meant to be a wholesome, love-filled celebration.

National Pet Month is, surprisingly, not very well-known. Once we are all allowed back out in public spaces, going out with your pet would be fun! So, here are a couple of ideas of things to do. 

Take your pet to the park and let them run around and make new friends. There’s never anything wrong with letting your pet make some new friends! 

Take your pet out for pet-friendly ice cream (yes, that exists, I promise). Be sure to grab an ice cream (of the human variety) for yourself as well!

 The best thing to do during National Pet Month is to appreciate your pet and show them a lot of love. You should show them that they are your world because, honestly, they should be. 

Although it’s great to get in the holiday spirit, appreciating your pets shouldn’t only be done during this month. You should appreciate them every day of every month, every single year. We also have the opportunity to spend a whole lot more time with our animal friends recently while we are all home during social isolation. Treat your pets with the utmost respect because, in some type of way, you have saved their lives and made them feel whole. A pet maybe just a small part of our lives, but don’t forget that we are their whole lives!

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