Senior Goodbyes compiled by: Hareem Qureshi

To The Class of 2020 from Ayat Chapman 

Keep following that vision because the result’s bound to be perfect 🙂 

To Ms K. Moore and Ms Yarboi from Anonymous 

Thank you for being the best teachers at OM, as you were the funniest and most understanding people ever.

To Oakland Mills from Dshawn Garrett from 

Goodbye Oakland Mills you played me for my two years without football 

To Ms Moore and Ms Moore from Nanna 

Thanks for being the best teachers ever! 

To Coach Browne from Thomas Elland 

I would like to say Goodbye to Coach Browne, he was like a brother to me. It’s sad for me to go without seeing him one last time. God Bless you Coach! 

To  Ayat Chapman, Leah Gaskins, and David Land from Hareem Qureshi

Dear Ayat, thanks for being such a good friend during my stay at Oakland Mills. You were my partner in crime for all four years, from sharing snacks to live dms to that time you crashed into a table while we were making a video, you were a quality friend.

A1. 10/10 would recommend. Remember your story has a happy ending. ☆

To Ms Moore’s Journalism Class from Hareem Qureshi 

Roses are red 

Violets are, in fact, purple, not blue 

I kinda hated school 

But I definitely didn’t hate you. (or your class.) 

To Ms Thomas and Von from Chris 

Goodbye to my favorite teacher Ms Thomas and my friend Von. 

To Oakland Mills from Noe Budar-Danoff 

I’m sorry your high school experience started off this wacky, but on the other hand, you’re gonna point at the history books and be able to say “been there, done that, got the t-shirt.” I really love you guys and hope you’re all doing well! To my friends and teachers, I miss y’all too, and I know you’re all terribly saddened that I won’t be able to perform my comedy act at the talent show. However, I’m planning on staying local, so you haven’t seen the last of me yet! 

To Mr Ringgold from Jay 

I want to give a big shout out to Mr Ringgold. I probably would not have been able to get through my last 2 years without him. Thank you so much for all your help and support! 

To That Guy Who Stole My M&Ms Back in Sophmore Year from Anonymous

Hope you enjoyed the snack, I certainly didn’t get to. 

To Mr Heaton from Maclairen Rogers

Thank you for showing me a world of music that I didn’t know existed before I joined you class. I have loved being your student and being able to learn so much about music and hopefully will be able to pass down the knowledge. 

To Ms Anderson’s Women’s Studies Class from Anonymous 

Thank you Ms Anderson and co for teaching me things I never knew about feminism, history, and empowerment. To my classmates in WS, thank you all for sharing your stories and reminding me that all women experience womanhood differently and that all of those experiences are valid and beautiful. 

To Coach Browne from Desmond Coles 

I wanted to thank you for putting up with me during both varsity seasons and the summertime workouts. Also, this is the last Coles to play for OM Football and last time you’ll see this last name. 

To Oakland Mills from Anonymous 

Good luck! 

To Oakland Mills from Anonymous 

Thank you all for the lessons and the life experiences you shared with me. I appreciated all that you did to guide me through high school and set me on a new journey. Kudos to all of you! 

To Ms Anderson-Little from Jalynn Wright 

Over this past year I had the pleasure of being taught by you. You have continued to inspire me to be a powerful and amazing woman. You helped me realize all the value behind being a woman during women’s studies. I can’t wait to continue it in college. 

To Ms Tucci from Jordan Dawson 

Goodbye Ms Tucci, thank you for all the guidance and long rehearsal weeks, the amazing choreography and awesome concerts. You will be missed whole heartedly!! 

To Mr Davis from Anonymous 

You were the chillest teacher I’ve ever had! Sayonara!

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