The Black Lives Matter Movement by Nani Wren-Jones

Let’s talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and some things you can do to help out. Let’s start off by talking about what the point of this movement is; it’s quite simple, but I’m going to break it down for our readers. The Black Lives Matter movement or BLM has been something that has been going on for a few years now; however, with the recent death of George Floyd, it has become way more serious and more action than ever has been taking place. Ever since the day George Floyd passed away, there have been protests in almost every state. 

Many people who did not support the BLM movement before are suddenly jumping in, which is good. However, there are some people who are only using this movement as a trend which is not helpful. However, here is a list of things that readers can do to support the movement. 

  1. Donate to charities that support the movement. This may be regarding arrests, black-owned businesses, or any other fund that has been set up to support BLM. 
  2. Sign petitions in support of people who have passed away from police brutality, who have been wrongfully convicted, or even petitions that will help the officers who have committed these crimes get the punishment they deserve. 
  3. Post about it! Spread the hashtag around if you can! It’s really easy to retweet, repost, or share any pictures or videos regarding the hashtag. 
  4. Stream YouTube videos that have charities going for BLM – there are a few going around right now and they are quite easy to find. 
  5. Go to protests if you can, but be safe!!

Now that you have a list, hopefully, anyone who didn’t know about the Black Lives Matter movement can now support it and help out as best as they can. This movement is very very important to the black community since discrimination has been happening in this country for over 400 years.

Many parents have expressed how they do not like having to have the talk with their African American sons about what to do when they go outside of the house. Don’t have your hood up, don’t play with toy guns outside, keep your hands on the steering wheel, etc. Many parents of other races have also spoken out on social media, Tiktok, for example, to also discuss how they will never have to encounter the fears that many black mothers face. 

This article was written to bring light to the Black Lives Matter movement in hopes that other people will also reach out and do things to support this very important movement. This is something that has been happening for way too long and it’s finally time to stand up and come together as a nation to fight against the racism in this country.

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