Kamchatka Disaster

Marine life has washed up on the shores of Kahlakytr beach on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. The water on the beach changed color, a white foam started drifting on the surface of the water, and the water itself developed a disgusting scent. The environmental changes began in late September but have only emerged in the media early this month. It is feared that the cause might have been rocket fuel from military testing grounds located in the region.

Environmentalists have begun research in order to find the true cause of the disaster. Around 95 percent of marine life in that area has been killed due to the issue. Greenpeace, a non-governmental environmental group, conducted tests and discovered that petroleum levels in the water in the Kamchatka region were four times higher than what they usually are, and the levels of phenol were almost three times higher than usual.

Greenpeace is calling this an “ecological disaster.” A Surfer that goes by snowave_kamchatka on Instagram stated, “water doesn’t smell like the ocean, vicious, bitter, dirty…”  Locals have also reported going into the water and almost becoming blind. Another surfer that goes by the name Makism Inov said, “I almost went blind one day after surfing on Khalatyr beach. Everything before my eyes was blurry and foggy.” He then added that other surfers began to experience the same thing. CNN has stated that “A suspected toxic spill along a beach on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula has killed 95% of marine life on the surrounding seabed…” The effects of the strange events occurring on Kahlakytr beach have been severe, not only on marine life but on humans as well. CNN also said that “Local surfers were the first to spot that something was wrong at Khalaktyr beach after about 20 people in a surf camp experienced severe retina burns and symptoms similar to food poisoning.” 

Many are raising awareness for people to take action and try to help marine life as much as possible during this strange occurrence. The true cause has not been discovered yet, but investigations are taking place to hopefully find the cause of this disastrous event.

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