Covid-19 In The NFL

As we all may know, Covid-19 joined our life in early 2020 when everything closed and states shut down. But in recent weeks, the National Football League also known as the NFL has reopened to entertain us with football. Although the league has reopened, there are still requirements for the safety of the staff and players. The stadiums have little to no fans and the staff are required to wear masks. But as sports have opened up, there have been a few players that have caught Covid-19. The New England Patriots’ two best players caught the virus, which resulted in the whole team getting tested. The Titans had 58 people that tested positive; 20 of those people were players and 38 of them were staff. The Tennessee Titans have been caught practicing at a time when they were not allowed to practice, but consequences have yet to be decided.

Because the Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs game has been moved to week 4, this has set some confusion in the rest of the league. One game shift messed up the whole entire schedule, and because of this, the Ravens and Steelers will not play until week 8.

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