Movie Review: The Craft

Warning: Spoil Alerts!

The Craft is a movie about a girl that moves to Los Angeles and meets three other girls. They all find themselves becoming witches who are quite powerful as we see them levitate, turn clouds into butterflies, and exhibit telekinesis. The story follows Sarah Bailey who moves to Los Angeles High School where she meets a group of three teens who are aspirants to become witches. And it just so happens that they are looking for another person to join their group. Sarah, Bonnie, Nancy, and Rochelle all come from troublesome backgrounds which is why they all stand out from the other students in the school.

Sarah moves into an abandoned house where there are a lot of vines. As they are moving in, she encounters a strange man at her door holding snakes. Sarah freaks out and yells for her father who shoos the guy away. Sarah goes to a Catholic school without a uniform which takes a lot of courage. She balances a pencil on its tip and spins it with mind control while in French class. When Bonnie, one of the girls that is part of the group, sees, she tells Nancy after class. A little while longer into the school day at lunch, we see Cris Hooker run up to Sarah. They go sit at a table where Sarah asks Cris about the three girls sitting in the front of the cafeteria. He tells her that people in the school say they are witches and that they are weird.

The next day, Sarah goes to school to find people whispering about her. She finds out that Cris spread a rumor about her. Sarah then goes to Cris’ locker to confront him and asks him to stop lying, and Cris plays it off as if he does not know what she is talking about. After Sarah gets made fun of, Nancy shows up and provides Sarah some comfort with the help of Bonnie and Rochelle. The girls invite Sarah to El Adobe studio building (aka the occult shop) after school. When they get to the shop, the girls tell Sarah that they steal from the shop all the time. They try to get her to steal but she refuses and instead talks to the clerk of the shop, Lirio. This shows that Sarah is a good person with a caring heart.

There are a couple of different important scenes throughout the movie. For example, when the girls are all in the city, Sarah sees the strange man with snakes. Sarah uses her magic to have a car run over the man. This shows how Sarah has changed since her arrival in LA. One weekend the girls teach Sarah about Manon, a god that gives you power and becomes a part of you. Throughout the movie, we see how far Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle, and Bonnie’s powers have come. When Bonnie finds out the doctor can’t get rid of her scars, she finds a spell that will get rid of them. Sarah makes a love spell so Cris loves her, Rochelle cast a spell on a girl named Laura to get ultimate revenge. As the movie goes on, Nancy starts to go crazy. When Sarah goes on a date with Cris, he grabs her and scares her. She runs to Nancy’s house, and when Nancy opens the door, Sarah sees Bonnie and Rochelle in the house. She tells the girls what happened with Cris and Nancy later goes to a party where she lures Cris into a room. Sarah runs up to the room shortly after to find Nancy using her magic to throw him out of a window. Not long after, Sarah tells the girls she wants to get out of the group, which doesn’t do over so well. Nancy didn’t like what Sarah said and goes after her to kill her. Lirio later tells Sarah that in order to defeat Nancy, she has to take in Manon’s power too, but Sarah is scared because she doesn’t want to go crazy like Nancy. 

Sarah ends up taking in Manon’s power and defeats Nancy by putting her into a mental hospital. At the end of the movie, Bonnie and Rochelle come back to see Sarah and say they’re sorry. Then they turn around and say “forget it, she probably doesn’t have powers anymore either.” So Sarah sends a bolt of lightning crashing down, striking a tree branch that falls and almost crushes them to show them that they are wrong.

The Craft is a movie from May 3, 1996, but is still played quite often on Freeform if you would like to check it out. Also, if you like The Craft, then you might like The Craft Legacy which is a remake of the original movie!

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