Howard County Athletics Update

Right now, athletes around the country are hoping that they will be able to have an athletic season to play sports. In Maryland, some counties have already started allowing sports to begin, but this is not the case quite yet in Howard County.

For someone like me that’s hopefully going to college on an athletic scholarship, this time has been very confusing and stressful. I feel like I don’t know what to do since my future plans have suddenly changed.

Howard County has been changing dates around and now they say we can start as soon as December 7th, 2020. When I hear something like that, I get excited to start, but what if they change the date again? Other counties in Maryland have already started their fall season. The governor, Larry Hogan, said that high school sports can start, so why have we not started yet? I know they are afraid that if we start, cases will go up and I can understand that. Right now we are scheduled to start the winter season on December 7th, and they moved fall and spring sports back to start next semester. In addition, we will only have in-county games this year, which means there will be no state-level competitions. Track, for example, usually runs against in county and out of county schools, so they may get a normal season with some extra protocols and precautions. Like me, athletes everywhere are hopeful and optimistic as they wait to hear final decisions that may impact their futures.

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